As a native North Louisianan, I grew up immersed in and embraced by deep, intricate, expressive and often mysterious colors. I was raised by creatives who possess a true flair for intensely expressive and vibrant storytelling. both color and storytelling are what most influence my work. My inspiration most often come from words and the colorful atmosphere they create for me. I love to approach a project by risking everything on that inspiration. That is where I find the most freedom in what I do.


Creativity is my spiritual gift and passion; art is a ministry, medium, and opportunity I use to share my heart for Christ. I understand that art is a language that has the ability to connect us all. My purpose is to visibly recreate deep and personal truths of meaning by using color and movements of paint, ink, oil, and water. The goal is to bring a sense of peace to a client’s home or work space through an inner stirring and the harmonious atmosphere it was designed to evoke.


My work is 100% commissioned either privately or by designers I work closely with throughout the southern United States.